How to catch customers with the newest fish offers is best discussed in a joint meeting with our team. You can inform us about your requirements, and we will develop a tailor-made product for you. In order to keep up our high quality standards, we are certified according to the International Food Standard. So it makes no difference whether you order under your own brand or let us deliver our brand, “Christian Goedeken jr.” - everything is possible.

Christian Goedeken jr. accepts the responsibility that comes with feeding people. Our main task in a time of growing ecological challenges is to offer solutions for a healthy, natural diet

Therefore, it goes without saying that all employees of Christian Goedeken jr. GmbH meet the high standards for quality in all production steps, including hygiene and service.

The quality management system requirements are tracked by the responsible employees. They constantly monitor and analyze the results, leading to the implementation of any corrective measures necessary for reaching the planned results and for constant improvement.

For Christian Goedeken jr. GmbH, quality means the following:

  • » High standards in selecting raw ingredients
  • » Hygienic production conditions
  • » Hygienic product conditions
  • » Adherence to the cool chains
  • » Adherence to a high hygienic standard
  • » Friendly and competent service for customers
  • » Adherence to stipulated customer requests
Susanna Wachtel

Quality Management

Your contact in all questions concerning quality in our company.

Phone: (040) 79 68 53-17